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JACK ESCOBAR was a fine masseuse but often extended his manual efforts beyond the bounds of decorum. When he slipped his fingers beneath KENDRA JAMES' towel one too many times, she ignored his profuse apologies and administered rigorous discipline once he was tied down on the table. Kendra began by tickling his bound body but Jack would soon discover that she was just getting started! [December 24]

Classic downloadable clips! [December 19]

The vicious thief who'd stolen CODY STEELE's coin collection after rendering him helpless inflicted a final indignity on his captive. Stripped to his briefs and gagged with duct-tape wrapped around his head, Codey writhed on the floor in a hogtie after the crook departed with his loot! [December 17]

Tough Therapy part 3 with KENDRA JAMES and JACK ESCOBAR! [December 12]

Classic downloadable clips! [December 10]

Left bound and gagged by KENDRA JAMES' troubled client, the therapist and her new patient JACK ESCOBAR cooperated in an attempt to loosen their bonds after Jack moved his chair closer to the couch where she was tethered. But they remained trapped in rope and struggling on the floor, a sight that amused the disturbed man responsible for their predicament! [December 5]

When JACK ESCOBAR arrived for his appointment, he was shocked to find therapist KENDRA JAMES lying tied and gagged on the floor. The disturbed former client responsible for Kendra's bondage quickly subdued Jack and left his captives struggling while he searched through her office for his records! [December 3]

Classic downloadable clips, including ANGIE SAVAGE and DEVON SAVAGE! [November28]

Once she had JACK ESCOBAR tied up and tape-gagged, KENDRA JAMES subjected her client to the very unconventional therapy she'd been yearning to try. As Jack struggled on the floor and mumbled in disbelief, the glamorous psychologist dominated him with spike heels and stockinged feet! [November 26]

Therapist KENDRA JAMES had never encountered a patient so blatantly misogynistic as JACK ESCOBAR. According to Jack, his relationships failed because women were simply too stupid to understand him and fulfill his needs. Kendra couldn't bear to listen any longer to his toxic rantings so she applied a drastic treatment that reflected some of her own hidden interests! [November 21]

CODY STEELE's criminal nemesis accentuated his control over the helpless man by stowing Codey in the closet while he continued his depredations. Despite his bound and gagged predicament, Codey managed to edge out of the closet onto the floor of the small room where he was being held... [November 19]

Not satisfied with purloining CODY STEELE's coin collection and appropriating his clothing, the merciless thief roped him to a chair and stuffed a ball-gag in his mouth. Then he demonstrated his domination over the struggling man by tipping his chair backwards while Codey's eyes widened in alarm! [November 14]

As CODY STEELE looked around the burglar was nowhere in sight so he began to carefully edge across the room. But once again the thief proved that he was in control by hitching Codey to the sofa before going back to his larcenous labor. When he returned, the harsh expression on his face chilled the bound and gagged man. [November 12]

When the thief who'd invaded CODY STEELE's home learned that the police were searching for him and had an accurate description, he decided to take Cody's clothes before making an escape. After the unlucky coin collector stripped to his shorts and socks, he was tied up, then gagged with cloth and duct-tape! [November 7]

Part 2! While the ruthless thief ripped off his coin collection, CODY STEELE strained desperately against bondage that refused to yield. Watching Codey roll around on the floor gave the crook a laugh while he tried to estimate the dollar value of all that silver and gold! [November 5]

Classic downloadable clips! [October 31]

Hard-working CODY STEELE deserved to enjoy his time away from the job but an ambitious thief who'd heard about Codey's valuable coin collection ruined his relaxation. Leaving the shaken executive bound and gagged on the floor, the sticky-fingered intruder went in search of Codey's heavy metal! [October 29]

Classic downloadable clips! [October 24]

When BOBBY ADORE visited an old friend, he was perplexed by the sight of a tall wooden post that his pal seemed to value highly. Bobby naively requested a demonstration of the post's function, which the kinky friend was swift to supply! [October 22]

Classic downloadable clips! [October 17]

BOBBY ADORE managed to rid himself of the blindfold and struggled even more furiously but his legs were folded by additional rope and tape was layered over his cloth gag. After falling onto his side, Bobby looked up when he heard approaching footsteps, then was stunned when he saw the smiling face of a familiar acquaintance. Now it all made sense: He'd played an elaborate prank on Mickey a few months earlier, and payback time had arrived! [October 15]

Classic downloadable clips! [October 10]

An ordinary day for BOBBY ADORE had veered into madness when he was taken off the street! Driven to a remote location, Bobby lost his clothing, then was tied, gagged and blindfolded by masked operatives. As the young businessman struggled in bondage on the floor, his thoughts raced -- why had he been taken, what did they want from him, how long would he be held? [October 8]

Classic downloadable clips! [October 3]

When BOBBY ADORE gave a masseuse he'd recently visited a poor Yelp rating, he never imagined he'd wind up back on her massage table. She demanded that Bobby retract the rating and replace it with a positive one or the consequences would be drastic! [October 1]

Classic downloadable clips! [September 26]

Bossman BOBBY ADORE returned home late from a stressful day at work only to experience an even more difficult evening. Bound and gagged with tape by an efficient team of burglars, Bobby watched some of his most prized possessions disappear out the door as he rolled around on his bed! [September 12]

Classic downloadable clips! [September 19]

ROBBY ECHO was required to receive anger management therapy because of recent emotional outbursts. His unconventional therapist suggested that struggling against ropework can aid in the dissipation of anger. Robby's contempt for this concept only increased after he easily freed himself from some sloppy bondage but when the knots were tightened, he found that escape was impossible until he dealt with his rage! [September 17]

If you like to see a helpless guy tied and gagged over an over again we offer BRAD STERLING'S BONDAGE ACCOUNT! Trust us, Brad went home very sore after that shoot!

A down-on-his-luck acquaintance tried to squeeze some cash out of successful businessman BOBBY ADORE. When Bobby told him to hit the road, the creep responded with rope before scrounging around his office. All the thief could find to steal was Bobby's watch, which left on his wrist while the angry man struggled on the floor! [September 12]

ROBBY ECHO made a big mistake when he tried to do a good deed. An attractive woman came to his door asking for help, but took drastic advantage of Robby once inside his home. Bound, gagged and looted, he'll never be quite so generous again! [September 10]

Despite ROBBY ECHO's desperate struggling, he remained under the control of the duct tape -- while the thieves mocked his pathetic efforts! [September 5]

ROBBY ECHO bought a house to flip and everything had been going according to schedule -- until he was stunned to discover the painters searching for stolen goods hidden there years before! The crooked contractors weren't going to let Robby interfere with their profitable venture, however, so a generous application of duct-tape kept him quiet while they completed the project! [September 3]

Classic downloadable clips! [August 29]

ROBBY ECHO discovered that failure to pay off his gambling debts would not be tolerated by certain humorless creditors. While friends scrambled to come up with the cash necessary to cover what he owed, Robby spent a very uncomfortable afternoon trussed-up and gagged in his underwear! [August 27]

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Initiation of new employees is frowned on by Human Resources at all companies, but ROBBY ECHO was a new hire at a business where rigorous games were still played. Told that there'd be a party to welcome him, Robby looked forward to it with enthusiasm, not realizing that he'd be the main source of entertainment! [August 22]

VANNA BARDOT promised RYAN MCLANE a massage he'd never forget, then kept her promise with interest! Ryan had experienced many massages before, but none in which the masseuse tickled him to arousal, pressed her naked breasts in his face, or placed a firm grip on his manhood! [August 20]

Classic downloadable clips! [August 15]

Before leaving with the cash RYAN MCLANE had so naively admitted to possessing, VANNA BARDOT teased the hapless man with bare breasts and feet. The naughty thief then recorded the bound and gagged businessman's embarrassing situation before leaving him to struggle alone for hours! [August 13]

RYAN MCLANE knew it was unprofessional to bring his date to the office after hours but he couldn't resist the opportunity to impress a hot chick like VANNA BARDOT. Ryan was bitterly disillusioned, however, by Vanna's response when he admitted his company still kept plenty of cash at the office. Before completing her clever theft, she made sure that Ryan had plenty of memories, both arousing and humiliating, of their evening together! [August 8]

VANNA BARDOT and RYAN MCLANE haven't wriggled free yet! [August 6]

Classic downloadable clips! [August 1]

VANNA BARDOT was on her phone happily texting her new boyfriend RYAN MCLANE when his ex-girlfriend showed up to ruin her day. Enraged by her break-up with Ryan, she tied and gagged Vanna, then got the drop on Ryan when he arrived! [July 30]

RYAN MCLANE suggested a little bedtime bondage play to hot girlfriend VANNA BARDOT as a change of erotic pace. Vanna was reluctant, then suggested that she tie him up first just to get the feel of this new game. In words that he'd later bitterly regret, Ryan smugly told Vanna that he wasn't worried that she'd hogtie him, then gave her the rope. Turned out that Vanna had skills he never imagined and once he was helpless, she castigated Ryan for cheating on her while jealously trying to control her activities! [July 25]

When VANNA BARDOT found herself in trouble, she hoped for a quick rescue by reliable RYAN MCLANE -- but instead, he ended up trussed up too! As soon as they had the opportunity, Vanna kicked off her shoes and set her prehensile toes to the task of untying Ryan's bonds! [July 23]

Our new Men in Bondage feature, THE CASE OF THE SILENT M.I.B., stars Marcello, a man who absolutely loves being bound and gagged and humiliated -- and we do our best to satisfy him!

Classic downloadable clips! [July 18]

Although JON ROGUE wasn't actually a pool shark, he was a lot better than his opponent Max, who he'd run the table on again. But Jon made a big mistake when he ridiculed Max's clumsy handling of the cue while demanding the payoff on their wager. Before he knew what hit him, Jon was tied down on the table while Max drove an eight-ball into a much smaller pair of balls! [July 16]

Classic downloadable clips! [July 11]

It seemed like a clever idea for JON ROGUE to cover some hard-to-explain shortages in his company account by faking a robbery. It was easy enough to find a friend who'd tie him up so that he could tell his boss that a burglar was responsible for the disappeared cash. But Jon wasn't the only slippery character around because once he was helpless, the false friend happily departed with the small case full of large bills! [July 9]

Classic downloadable clips! [July 4]

MARCELO didn't really believe AMILIA ONYX when she told him that she'd pay him a visit when he least expected it. Then one night, he awoke to find the powerful woman on top of him; unable to resist her strength and energy, Marcelo was quickly stretched out on his bed with a ball-gag in his mouth. Squirming in bondage as Amelia toyed with his member, Marcelo veered emotionally from dread to erotic excitement! [July 2]

Classic downloadable clips! [June 27]

JON ROGUE enjoyed swimming for awhile, then relaxing by the pool. He had no idea that while he was taking it easy, a thief had entered his house and was working hard at accumulating valuables. Jon only made the discovery when he walked back in for a shocking encounter with the intruder. The slippery crook was better prepared and left Jon in a tight and embarrassing bind after completing his job! [June 25]

Before leaving in the car he stole from JON ROGUE, the shameless thief added a dose of humiliation to his unlucky mark. Stripped to his briefs, Jon was roped to a wooden post in his kitchen, then left gagged and blindfolded! [June 20]

JON ROGUE thought he'd worked out a good deal for his used car and since the buyer seemed like a nice guy, Jon invited him over to make the cash-for-car exchange. But the buyer had only brought a check and when Jon refused to accept it, the pleasant facade collapsed to reveal a scammer. After he was tied-up and gagged, Jon could only watch as his house was ransacked and his valuables driven away in the car! [June 18]

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Classic downloadable clips! [June 13]

AMILIA ONYX and MARCELO are in a trussed tryst! [June 11]

Catmistress AMILIA ONYX removed her boots so that her soft pink toes could dance into MARCELO's mouth -- and then down into his underwear! [June 6]

Classic downloadable clips! [June 4]

MARCELO had hoped for rescue by now, but instead, he was further humiliated as Catmistress AMILIA ONYX demanded boot worship! [May 30]

Classic downloadable clips! [May 28]

MARCELO's life has always been one of orderly, methodical efficiency... but then catmistress AMILIA ONYX arrives to turn his world upside-down and humiliate him with bondage, gagging, and bare-assed discipline! [May 23]

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Newly-hired secretary AMILIA ONYX was confronted by an angry man who claimed that her boss and lover MARCELO had cheated him in a business deal. Out for revenge, he bound and gagged Amilia, then applied the same restraints to Marcelo when he appeared. After intimidating his enemy, the bitter man contemptuously bared the buxom secretary's breasts and left the stunned couple in bondage it would take them hours to escape! [May 21]

Classic downloadable clips! [May 16]

BRAD STERLING's tireless captor displayed his mean-spirited sense of humor by placing his bound and tape-gagged prey on a table. There the hapless hunk strained nervously against his bonds, legs hobbled by a rope linking his waist and ankles. Even that restraint seemed mild compared to the hogtie that left Brad squirming on his stomach and wondering what the diabolical collector had planned for him next! [May 14]

Classic downloadable clips! [May 9]

Standing bound in nothing but his briefs, BRAD STERLING anxiously wondered how his harrowing predicament could become any worse. The answer to his speculation quickly arrived in the form of a bright red ball-gag, followed by an adjustment in his bondage that lowered him onto his knees. As Brad twisted in awkwardly in unforgiving restraint, his eyes flicked around the room trying to find the slightest reason to hope for escape! [May 7]

Classic downloadable clips! [May 2]

Following BRAD STERLING's unsuccessful escape attempt, he was moved to another room where he was tied and tape-gagged again, then tethered to a wooden chair. Although Brad struggled with all his strength, he remained in bondage as he lay on the floor! [April 30]

Classic downloadable clips! [April 25]

Our new Captured Couples video, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME TO BONDAGE, stars Danni Rivers with Ryan McLain, Maya Kendrick with Donnie Rock, Alison Ray with Codey Steele, Alex De La Flor with Kale Triplex, and Holly Lace with Calvin Hardy!

After BRAD STERLING was captured, he was hustled off to a waiting vehicle for transport to a distant location! When he arrived, Brad was stripped to his underwear, bound hand and foot, then gagged with tape wrapped around his head. Stunned by his situation, Brad at first sat motionless on the floor, but soon began edging along it toward a door that he hoped would lead to freedom... [April 23]

Determined to rise swiftly up the office hierarchy, BRAD STERLING was working late when he was interrupted by a stranger with bad intentions. After he was tied and gagged, Brad carefully rose to his feet and grasped the phone the intruder had overlooked. Caught in the act, Brad was left struggling on the floor, his ankles tethered to the desk! [April 18]

Classic downloadable clips! [April 16]

HOLLY LACE tried to get a romance going with CALVIN HARDY but he ignored her advances. Holly wasn't the kind of woman to take no for an answer so she paid Calvin a midnight visit; a few dozen feet of rope and a ball-gag later, the seriously bound man was paying plenty of attention to the alarming intruder. Although Holly showed Calvin that she could be a mean girl, her nimble bare feet brought their bizarre first date to a happy ending (or satisfying conclusion)! [April 11]

Classic downloadable clips! [April 9]

Classic downloadable clips! [April 4]

The new neighbors seemed so nice that HOLLY LACE and CALVIN HARDY decided to invite them over for dinner. The naive couple became a bit uncomfortable when conversation at the table turned to kinky subjects, but it was only when their predatory guests produced rope that they were asked to leave. By then it was too late, of course, so Holly and Calvin became the latest innocent pair to supply bound and gagged amusement for two charming deviants! [April 2]

Mobster's Moll part 2! HOLLY LACE was still supervising hostage CALVIN HARDY when she had the bright idea to make him her foot slave. After Calvin was stripped to his briefs, she removed his gag, then compelled him to suck her toes and lick her soles as he knelt on the floor. Once she'd enjoyed sufficient foot worship, Holly teased Calvin with her bare breasts, then hogtied the unlucky accountant to assure that he would remain under her control! [March 28]

Our new Men in Bondage video, GUYS SUBMIT TO GIRL POWER, presents hapless men captured and bound by beautiful women! The feature includes Louie Loud, Charity Crawford, Brad Sterling, Kleio Valentien, Codey Steele, Alison Rey, Donnie Rock, Maya Kendrick, Dustin Daring, and Britney Amber!

HOLLY LACE and CALVIN HARDY continued to struggle together while their nemesis searched for the thumb drives that she'd hidden. Desperate to free herself, Holly rolled onto the floor but remained tightly bound. Both she and Calvin could only watch in helpless frustration when the evil man finally located the hollowed-out book where she'd stashed the drives! [March 26]

A Captured Couples photoset! HOLLY LACE knew she had only a few seconds to hide the thumb drives that her crooked former boss so desperately wanted. After tossing them into a hollowed-out book that she slid under the couch, Holly was confronted by the menacing figure, who quickly bound and gagged her! When Holly's business partner CALVIN HARDY arrived, he was shocked to discover her predicament! He moved to free her, but... [March 21]

As a crooked businessman's accountant, CALVIN HARDY had things pretty good -- until he was grabbed by a rival! While waiting for an exchange to be worked out, Calvin was supervised by horny mob girl HOLLY LACE, who couldn't resist taking advantage of his bound and cleave-gagged plight! Holly confiscated his eyeglasses, stuffed his mouth with cloth and sealed it with duct-tape... and then she helped herself to his vulnerable form with a bit of groping! [March 19]
This is MIB photoset number #500!

BRAD STERLING finally caves and works out a deal! But the hard-nosed operative leaves him wrapped in plastic and duct-tape as a reminder not to renege on his promises. [March 14]

Classic downloadable clips! [March 12]

BRAD STERLING has been tied up every which way, and he's still bravely holding his own! [March 7]

Classic downloadable clips! [March 5]

Will chair-tipping scare BRAD STERLING into cooperating? [February 28]

Continuing tough times for manly mib BRAD STERLING! [February 26]

The new Captured Couples video, TOGETHER IN BONDAGE, stars a nice array of cute girls and handsome guys in bound and gagged adventures! The heroines and heros include Amarna Miller, Jason Green, Britney Amber, Dustin Daring, Gia Derza, Shawn Hayes, Emily Willis, Codey Steele, Charity Crawford and Louie Load!

Classic downloadable clips! [February 21]

The stranger is still demanding a piece of the action from BRAD STERLING! [February 19]

BRAD STERLING is reflecting on the success of his new online enterprise when a hooded intruder bursts into his home office and demands a piece of his business! Despite the shock of this intrusion, Brad courageously refuses -- a decision that leads to a shocking encounter with tight ropes and a tape-gag! Once alone, Brad realizes he might be able to reach his keyboard and send out a message for help... [February 14]

MARCELO had been successful thus far in staying mum during his interrogation... but was there a way to break him? Perhaps 100 pounds of steel on his ass would motivate him to give in! [February 12]

Classic downloadable clips! [February 7]

MARCELO watched in terror as a 50 pound weight was placed onto his chest... then another 25 pounds... and then another. Would he be able to breathe under this unrelenting pressure? Just as he was beginning to panic, his pants were pulled away to expose his most vulnerable area, and the weights were moved downward. Was Marcelo's member going to be crushed by one hundred pounds of iron? [February 5]

Classic downloadable clips! [January 31]

Cody Steele has proven to be one of MIB's most popular dudes in distress and his familiarity of being tied up and gagged has influenced his subconscious. Codey reveals a few of them in CODEY STEELE'S BONDAGE NIGHTMARES!

MARCELO's interrogator is becoming more impatient! [January 29]

More of our popular classic downloadable clips! [January 24]

MARCELO managed to keep mum about the details of his client's campaign, in spite of his captor's insistent interrogation. The mysterious thug then left for some time, leaving Marcelo to ponder fearfully whether his situation was going to get even worse! [January 22]

TERROR! Political consultant MARCELO has been nabbed because sinister forces want the details of his client's campaign! Can he hold his tongue? [January 17]

We're glad our members liked the classic downloadable clips so much! Here's a second round! [January 15]

What a comedown! The captain of the lacrosse team, forced to suck the aromatic toes of cheerleader GIA DERZA! Thoroughly humiliated, SHAWN HAYES hoped that the rest of the team wouldn't find out what had happened to him! [January 10]

Here's something a little different this week! Members enjoy 4 classic downloadable clips from the very first year of Men in Bondage and Captured Couples! [January 8]

As his small company's most junior executive, SHAWN HAYES was expected to arrive early at the office to prepare it for the day's work. On one occasion, Shawn ran into an industrious burglar who'd risen early to clean out the office safe. The larcenous early-bird was also prepared for any employee who might show up to interrupt his work; as a result, Shawn spent part of the morning rolling around bound and gagged on the floor! His humiliating plight became an office legend, one that was recalled over and over by his amused colleagues. [January 3]

The thieves are ready to head out! One of the baddies exposes CHARITY CRAWFORD's beautiful breasts, then strides out the door, laughing. Poor Charity is so humliated! But LOUIE LOUD is equally humiliated -- by his failure to defend Charity's dignity! [January 1, 2019]