Downloadable video update: NINO is a world-famous rock star. After a shower, he discovers two pretty groupies (MOLLY MATTHEWS, ANNA MILLS) waiting in his room. He's used to that. But what isn't familiar to him is being bound, tape-gagged and made to watch the hotties make out with each other! [December 31, 2020]

Photoset update! It was bad enough that the fake job interviewer had tricked A.J. into humiliating bondage, but chuckling as the poor guy squirmed in his underwear demanded an angry response. Which A.J. supplied by extending his middle finger in a time-honored signal of defiance, which merely generated louder peals of laughter from the delighted con-artist. [December 29]

Happy Holidays! Bonus video update: SHAY RUSKIN and ADAM are hard-nosed celebrity gossip columnists who suffer some revenge from a celebrity they have been harassing just a little too much! [December 25]

Happy Holidays! Bonus video update: ANTONIO is strapped up to a X-Cross as part of a modern art exhibit. As artist ROXANNE CHADWICK tries to sell her work, Antonio moans and groans through his tightly applied ball-gag! [December 25]

Downloadable video update: JOELEAN TRAVIS is a terrific cheerleader and DYLAN is her coach. When they make it to finals in the cheerleading contest, they are certain they will win -- until a rival cheerleading coach makes sure they don't even show up for the competition! [December 25]

Downloadable video update: MARK is hogtied and cleave gagged by JULIE KING and CINDY SCHUBERT. He must smell Julie's bare feet while Cindy tickles him! [December 24]

Photoset update! Bound to the wooden post in his underwear and ball-gagged, job-applicant A.J. struggled frantically once he understood how badly he'd been conned by the interviewer. But the ropes continued to confine him and his anxiety increased exponentially after his vision was compromised by a blindfold! [December 22]

Downloadable video update: Cleave gagged MARIE FRENCH and tape gagged JON are trussed up due to the handy work of burglars! [December 18]

Downloadable video update: FRANK FORTUNA is a serious weightlifter who never seems to have time for his girl SAMANTHA HOLLISTER. She gets her revenge... he is all tied up with a nice tight white cleave gag in his angry mouth! [December 17]

Photoset update! After he was stripped of his shirt and slacks, then roped to a wooden post with a ball-gag in his mouth, A.J. finally recognized the shocking truth that his bondage encounters were not part of a legitimate job interview. Instead he was being ruthlessly manipulated by someone who had no interest in his qualifications for the job, but plenty of interest in how a man looked when he was bound and gagged in his underwear! [December 15]

Downloadable video update: CHANTEL OSMOND and NATE are victims of a robbery and both are left all tied up and tape gagged. [December 11]

Downloadable video update: Tied up and cleave gagged side by side, CARL and ROXANNE CHADWICK do everything possible to free themselves, without much luck! [December 10]

Photoset update! The job interviewer told A.J. that because he'd been unable to escape from his first bondage encounter, a second would be required. Tied up and tape-gagged on the floor after his shirt was removed, the bewildered applicant began to doubt whether this job was worth the trouble! [December 8]

Downloadable video update: With their backstabbing and unethical activity, GRAYDEN and JESSIE CAPELLI thought they'd be the sure winners of a new reality show. They found out wrong when another contestant wrapped them up in miles of duct tape. [December 4]

Downloadable video update: JEFF GARCIA is the most successful escape artist in the world - there is no trap he can't get out of. That is until he meets JULIE SIMONE. She's his assistant and she gives him the toughest binding and gagging of his life! If you want to see the entire process (on-screen tie) of a handsome man being bound and cleave gagged by a woman, this is the scene for you! [December 3]

Photoset update! A.J. was encouraged to hear that the job interviewer considered him the leading candidate for an attractive job. The enthusiastic applicant was less happy to be told that because of the company's problematic location, he'd have to demonstrate that he could handle the physical and emotional stress of bondage if an incident occurred. A.J. was reluctant to allow himself to be bound and gagged but he really wanted the position, so the ropes were soon tightened around his body! [December 1]

Downloadable video update: DAMIAN and sexy SARAH BLAKE manage to entice a man into gambling away his savings. This doesn't work out how they expect; Sarah and Damian end up tightly trussed and gagged! [November 27]

Downloadable video update: Helpless JAY is tied down in only his underwear and tickle-tormented by SHAY RUSKIN. Shay loves to hear Jay giggle and squeal! [November 26]

Photoset update! Naked CODEY STEELE lay flat on his back and pinned in place by equally nude VANNA BARDOT, who'd been stacked on top of him so that her face was in tight proximity with his crotch while he was in perfect position to sniff her sexy snatch. Their larcenous task completed, the amused thieves left this unlikely couple to enjoy themselves as best they could! [November 24]

Downloadable video update: MONIQUE ALEXANDER and TIM are bound, gagged and abandoned! [November 20]

Downloadable video update: Helpless NINO is spread-eagled and tickled by MOLLY MATTHEWS and ANNA MILLS! [November 19]

Photoset update! VANNA BARDOT matched CODEY STEELE's nudity as the uncomfortable couple sat efficiently tied and tape-gagged on a small mattress. Codey's fun-loving pals had promised that there was another surprise on the way, so they made another futile attempt to free each other by plucking at their bound wrists. But the powerless pair remained under the ropework's control when the creative crooks showed up to turn Codey and Vanna into a display of unconventional intimacy...! [November 17]

Downloadable video update: VIC answers the door and it is gorgeous neighbor GIA MANCINI. But she isn't alone; a criminal barges in and ties the two side by side (onscreen), leaving neither able to help the other! [November 13]

Downloadable video update: Baseball superstar FRANK FORTUNA thinks he has an adoring female fan. He's right -- he just doesn't realize how fanatical AMBER MICHAELS really is! [November 12]

Photoset update! It was a turn-on for VANNA BARDOT to play with CODEY STEELE's cock and thrust her breasts in his face while she straddled him, but there were limits to entertainment when you're tied up. So she took the first step to solve their problems by maneuvering her face close to his and signaling for Codey to pull her gag loose with his teeth. Vanna was about to perform the same service for her partner in bondage when Codey's partners returned to laugh at their antics, then promise that they'd soon be roped into an even more intimate position! [November 10]

Downloadable video update: SHAY RUSKIN comes home to find ADAM all tied up, but does she get scared and attempt to untie him? NO! Thinking it's a lame joke, she doesn't heed his tape gagged warnings, and soon ends up tied next to him! [November 6]

Downloadable video update: LOGAN was playing cops-and-robbers with his nephews until they left him bound to a table. Now only T.J. HART can release him! [November 5]

Photoset update! VANNA BARDOT was having a ball playing with careless thief CODEY STEELE until his associates showed up. Codey expected to be freed but instead remained naked and bound as he sat in a chair, where a trussed-up Vanna straddled him after she lost her clothes. They were both gagged with bandannas after expressing their unhappiness, then squirmed in awkward restraint until Vanna decided to gain some enjoyment by teasing Codey's manrod! [November 3]

Downloadable video update: HOLLY LANE's exclusive interview with gang member ALEX is interrupted by his angry friends! They don't like a snitch, so they tie Holly and Alex up! [October 30]

Downloadable video update: HANNAH THURMAN knows how to deal with incompetent employees like CASEY! A tickling is in order! [October 29]

Photoset update! Poor BRAD STERLING -- it's bad enough that he's under the control of a ruthless man determined to compel the return of a valuable painting in exchange for the unfortunate young man. But to be stretched out on a bed, tied and gagged, then to have his briefs yanked down to expose his bare butt -- well, Brad's going to need plenty of time to recover from this traumatic experience! [October 28]

Downloadable video update: CAROL and TONY are left roped by an intruder! [October 23]

Downloadable video update: SCOTT is bound and in for the tickling of his life, courtesy RACHEL SANTINI! [October 22]

Photoset update! CODEY STEELE was naked, bound, gagged and totally at the mercy of clever VANNA BARDOT. After pushing Codey onto the sofa, Vanna straddled her captive and teased the helpless man with kisses. Once Codey was standing again, his unexpected domme toyed with his shaft and made him hop up and down for her amusement. But Vanna hadn't considered the possibility that there were more players in the game, a mistake she'd soon bitterly regret! [October 20]

Downloadable video update: ASHLEY RAINES remembers her prom very well, but not because of the dancing or the drinking. She remembers it because she and her date JOSH were tied up by a crazy man! [October 16]

Downloadable video update: How would you like to be bound and gagged to a pole wearing only underwear - with no one around to help you? Poor MARK! [October 15]

Photoset update! Burglar CODEY STEELE thought he had VANNA BARDOT thoroughly intimidated so he made the huge mistake of releasing her from bondage. After he lost focus, Vanna displayed her rope skills by tying up the naked man and gagging him with duct-tape. That's when Codey became her plaything as Vanna mocked his helpless condition before teasing him with her tits and -- the ultimate humiliation -- hardening his shaft with her shameless fingers! [October 13]

Downloadable video update: Penthouse Pet JAMIE LYNN is tied and tape gagged by her ex-lesbian lover. When her current boyfriend RAY comes home, he gets the exact same treatment! [October 9]

Downloadable video update: FRANK FORTUNA is bound and ball gagged by a disgruntled former business partner. It may be all over for Frank unless AMBER MICHAELS can come to his rescue! [October 8]

Photoset update! Tied facedown on a bed in nothing but his briefs, BRAD STERLING moaned behind his tape-gag and wondered if he'd ever be free of rope! [October 6]

Downloadable video update: In the office, DALLAS fantasizes about being tied up with the girl of his dreams - MACKENZIE MONTGOMERY! [October 2]

Downloadable video update: ETHAN is tied up by beautiful statuesque CHLOE SHAW. Ethan is completely helpless and unfortunately for him he has two of the most ticklish bare feet we've ever encountered! Watch him squirm in only underwear and listen to him giggle uncontrollably as Chloe shows no mercy on him! [October 1]

Photoset update! "How the hell can this be happening to me?" thought BRAD STERLING as he rolled around on the floor. "Oh no, what's gonna happen with that other hunk of rope?" That's when Brad learned what it felt like to be hogtied, a physical stress that was worsened by the helpless emotions caused by watching his captor eagerly record his contortions! [September 29]

Downloadable video update: SHANNON and VINCE are not-too-competent security guards who are surprised by a thief! The pair soon end up bound to each other in fairly tight quarters! [September 25]

Downloadable video update: SHAY RUSKIN has two tickle captives, LOGAN and ROB. Shay is clearly in charge as her subjects can do nothing to fend off her tickle attacks! [September 24]

Photoset update! The shadowy cabal who'd taken BRAD STERLING still hadn't received the valuable painting it had demanded so he paid the price. Stripped to his briefs, then tightly-bound again and gagged with duct-tape, he sat on the floor and struggled fruitlessly until he lay on his side! [September 22]

Downloadable video update: Superstar EDANYA just had a rockin' show but as her manager counts their profits, an intruder robs them! The man leaves Edanya and DYLAN bound and cleave gagged together! [September 18]

Downloadable video update: KYLE STONE is a cheating husband, but HEATHER STEWART knows how to fix it with rope and tape, so Kyle doesn't stray anymore! [September 17]

Photoset update! As BRAD STERLING sat bound and gagged, the man responsible for his ordeal casually recorded his struggles. Once he was finished, he informed Brad that the startling video would be sent to his family as a reminder that they'd better come through with the painting! [September 15]

Downloadable video update: A crook binds and tape gags pretty co-ed MICHELLE CURTIS and VECTOR, leaving them to struggle helplessly on the carpet! [September 11]

Downloadable video update: CASEY is asleep at home when a burglar breaks into his bedroom. Soon he is completely bound. Beautiful thief HANNAH THURMAN tells Casey there's no point in struggling! [September 10]

Photoset update! Poor BRAD STERLING -- when his family refused to turn over that prized painting in exchange for him, he was tightly roped to a chair. He begged to be released but his voice was quickly stifled by cloth jammed into his mouth, which was sealed shut with duct-tape. Left alone, Brad struggled with all his strength but his rope web proved too securely crafted for the unfortunate man to escape it! [September 8]

Downloadable video update: GWEN STANLEY and RIO go into an area of the park that is off-limits. They soon find out why... The adventurous couple get wrapped to a tree with caution tape! [September 4]

Downloadable video update: TED is captured wearing only his underwear. He is hogtied and helpless as TIFFANY THOMAS' long fingernails have her way with his sensitive soles and super-ticklish upper body! [September 3]

Photoset update! BRAD STERLING's heart was racing a hundred miles an hour. Grabbed, tied up and dumped in the corner of a room he'd never seen before, Brad was accosted by a hooded man who tied a black cloth tightly between his lips. The sinister figure made it clear that Brad was now a bound and gagged pawn who'd be returned to his normal life only if a centuries-old painting belonging to his family was exchanged for his freedom! [September 1]

Downloadable video update: CELESTE STAR and JOHNNY are snooping around an old house looking for treasure. Johnny leaves Celeste behind to make sure there isn't any danger, but when he returns he'll find out just where the danger lies! These pesky kids aren't going to get in the way of real treasure hunters! [August 28]

Downloadable video update: Businessman TED is minding his own business in his hotel room when a beautiful blonde thief (TIFFANY THOMAS) enters his room forcing him to strip to his underwear. Next Ted finds himself bound and cleave gagged in a bathtub with the sadistic thief threatening to turn on the hot water unless she gets the information she wants. [August 27]

Photoset update! Housemate from Hell part 6: After their legs were hobbled by additional lengths of rope, BRITNEY AMBER and ANDY LOGAN rolled around awkwardly on their bed. They usually enjoyed the experience of bare-skinned togetherness, but now they only felt frustration! [August 25]

Downloadable video update: LOGAN, SHAY RUSKIN, and ROB are bound side-by-side in only their underwear! [August 21]

Downloadable video update: Super-spy BRANDON has finally met his match with arch-rival ROXANNE CHADWICK! [August 20]

Downloadable video update: LOGAN's bitter ex co-worker was sick and tired of Logan always sticking his foot in his mouth. So he decided to stick T.J. HART's foot in Logan's mouth instead! [August 18]

Downloadable video update: Bound and ballgagged, LOGAN is at the mercy of beautiful blonde T.J. HART! [August 18]

Downloadable video update: ETHAN is a happily married man, but his sexy and aggressive boss, CHLOE SHAW, just doesn't understand that. She pulls out a weapon and then ties him up securely and cleave gags his mouth. Poor Ethan just can't break away as she relentlessly kisses and toys with him! [August 14]

Downloadable video update: FRANK FORTUNA was minding his own business on a sunny afternoon when next door neighbor SAMANTHA HOLLISTER knocked on the door. Their lives would be changed forever! [August 13]

Photoset update! Housemate from Hell part 5: BRITNEY AMBER and ANDY LOGAN were having fun exploring bondage's sensual potential -- or at least Britney was -- when their troublesome housemate returned to surprise them! Once again tied up together, they knelt at his command, then rolled around on the bed attempting to free themselves. [August 11]

Downloadable video update: MARLENA MERCURIO and BRENT are in danger of getting sunburned! [August 7]

Downloadable video update: Reality TV hits another new low! This poor pair of contestants agree to be bound and gagged on national television in the pursuit of a few thousand dollars and some parting gifts! Starring CINDY SCHUBERT and JEFF. [August 6]

Downloadable video update: HEATHER STEWART has her tickling way with a bound SHAY RUSKIN and JAY! [August 4]

Downloadable video update: CHANTEL OSMOND and MILES were finally able to take that vacation on a remote island on the south seas. Their travel agent forgot to warn them that local bandits seek out rich Americans to relieve them of their valuables! [August 4]

Downloadable video update: On their honeymoon, NOELLE NASH and TIMMY get the surprise of their life! After hearing strange noises, the newlyweds wind up bound on the floor side by side! [July 31]

Downloadable video update: Football-star BRANDON thinks he's too good to go to class. His pretty English teacher, ROXANNE CHADWICK, disagrees -- so she embarrasses him by binding him in his jock strap only and placing a tape gag over his mouth. He fears that his teammates and the entire school will soon discover poor Brandon's predicament. [July 30]

Photoset update! Coin flip part 3: BRITNEY AMBER relished the power she exercised over helpless ANDY LOGAN so she rolled her bound and gagged boy-toy onto his stomach, which made his butt available for a spanking. Andy was stunned by the pleasure his girlfriend derived from humiliating him but received some compensation when he was straddled by Britney, who then rewarded him with a close-up view of her amazing breasts! [July 28]

Downloadable video update: KYLE STONE, CORY LANE and SHAYLA STEVENS are bound, tape gagged and blindfolded at work after hours! Kyle works off his blindfold for a nice, long look at his fellow captives. [July 24]

Downloadable video update: LOGAN REED and ROB KIRK are the Hanson Brothers - tough detectives who always catch their man. This time however it's a woman, SHAY RUSKIN, who gets the drop on them. The two hunky detectives are bound and tape gagged back to back. When Rob escapes, Shay comes after him! Will the still-tied-up Rob be able to save his brother? [July 23]

Photoset update! Coin flip part 2: With ANDY LOGAN kneeling bound and ball-gagged, BRITNEY AMBER pulled out all the stops in her campaign to emphasize his helpless state. First baring her astonishing breasts and pressing them against his chest, the talented temptress then lay back and raised her shapely bare feet close to his face. Andy was only able to visually enjoy her charms so he moaned behind his gag as Britney gleefully teased him! [July 21]

Downloadable video update: CAROLINE WINTER and BLAKE lose a match to a pool shark and when they can't pay, he binds them until he can find someone who will pay him! [July 17]

Downloadable video update: CASEY CONRAD and his wife HANNAH THURMAN are grabbed! As the husband and wife struggle cleave gagged and bound to chairs in a deserted house, the man makes a video of his helpless captives. Are they worth $2,000,000? [July 16]

Photoset update! BRITNEY AMBER and ANDY LOGAN were intrigued by the emotions they'd experienced when they'd been bound and gagged by the housemate from hell. So they flipped a coin to decide who'd be in charge and who'd be once again in a bind. To his dismay, it was Andy who'd be rope-restrained and taste the ball-gag while Britney showed a knack for domination! [July 14]

Bonus downloadable video update: ISABELLA JANACEK and JAMES find themselves tied up side by side to the staircase, and Isabella is completely nude! [July 10]

Bonus downloadable video update: SHAY RUSKIN and JAY are hostages of escaped cons on the lam. However, that isn't the worst thing in the world, as Jay finds out! [July 10]

Downloadable video update: Honeymoon Heartbreak! XARA DIAZ and BEN CAMPEZI can't even enjoy their honeymoon without being bound and tape gagged by desperados! [July 10]

Downloadable video update: FRANK FORTUNA is one pompous windbag! AMBER MICHAELS knows how to bring Frank back down to Earth in an embarrassing fashion. Binding his wrists and ankles and ball-gagging him, Amber makes Frank hop around and beg to be let go. [July 9]

Photoset update! Housemate from Hell part 4: By pulling frantically against the rope hitching her to the bedpost, BRITNEY AMBER was finally able to free herself from its control. Still tightly bound, she struggled toward ANDY LOGAN and curled up back-to-back with her boyfriend in hopes that she could loosen the knots pinning his wrists. Once again, however, ruthless bondage prevailed against the helpless homeowners! [July 7]

Bonus downloadable video update: MILES finds not one or two, but three gorgeous women (CHANTEL OSMOND, NOELLE NASH and RACHEL SANTINI) bound and gagged on his bed! How embarrassing it is for him when he can't rescue them but instead ends up in the same plight! [July 3]

Bonus downloadable video update: CHANTEL OSMOND has muscular MILES all to herself. In a quiet hotel room, Miles can't say a word as duct tape seals his lips shut and rope binds him to a chair! [July 3]

Downloadable video update: TIFFANY THOMAS comes home and finds her husband's dirty little secret: LUKAS rope bound and tape gagged. She was warned to stay out of that room... guess she's next! [July 3]

Downloadable video update: FRANK FORTUNA is worth a fortune! That's why AMBER MICHAELS grabs him, and tape gags his mouth and eyes shut. His strong arms are useless against the tight cord binding him. [July 2]

New photos! Housemate from Hell part 3: ANDY LOGAN took his turn in solitary bondage while BRITNEY AMBER cooked for the arrogant housemate; trussed-up in his shorts and tape-gagged, he writhed helpless and humiliated on the floor. As soon as Britney's kitchen chores were concluded, she sat bound, gagged and naked, kept apart from Andy by the rope tethering her to a bedpost. Their attempts to loosen the knots binding their respective ankle with bare toes ended in failure... [June 30]

Bonus downloadable video update: JASMINE MANCINI and NEIL are in double trouble! [June 26]

Bonus downloadable video update: Burglar SHAY RUSKIN ties and gags a helpless JAY! [June 26]

Downloadable video update: MARIE FRENCH and JOHN are tied up at the office! [June 26]

Downloadable video update: Nosy neighbor SCOTT has stumbled into a criminal tableau. Unfortunately for Scott these guys mean business. A binding and gagging is in order! Co-stars RACHEL SANTINI and STEVE DE NAVARRE. [June 25]

New photos! Housemate from Hell part 2, with BRITNEY AMBER and ANDY LOGAN! [June 23]

Bonus downloadable video update: The Crooked Captain! Starring SARAH BLAKE and DAMIAN. [June 19]

Bonus downloadable video update: How humliating is this? LOGAN is tied up in his underwear and tickled without mercy by T.J.HART, who's determined to test his tickle limits! [June 19]

Downloadable video update: There's No Escape! Starring ISABELLA JANACEK and JAMES. [June 19]

Stripped to her panties, gagged and bound, BRITNEY AMBER was held as a pawn in the treacherous housemate's scheme while ANDY LOGAN was sent to the bank to make a large withdrawal. When he returned, Andy lost his clothing and was tied and gagged next to his struggling girlfriend! [June 18]
  • New format! From now on, our weekly updates will include two full-length downloadable video scenes, instead of one! [June 18]

Downloadable video update: Have you ever fantasized about being tied and tickled by two beautiful ladies? MARK doesn't have to fantasize; CINDY SCHUBERT and JULIE KING are on it! [June 16]

Downloadable video update: JOELEAN TRAVIS and DYLAN are post-tied in a garage! [June 11]

No good deed goes unpunished, part 2! After BRITNEY AMBER and ANDY LOGAN were caught trying to free each other, they were warned against further shenanigans. Bare-breasted now, Britney squirmed in embarrassment next to her man! [June 9]

Downloadable video update: When you're blindfolded, you never know where tickling fingers will roam! AMBER SHERIDAN takes advantage of ERIC's predicament. [June 4]

No good deed goes unpunished! BRITNEY AMBER and ANDY LOGAN allowed an acquaintance with financial problems to move into their home. When his behavior caused them to become suspicious, the false friend rewarded their generosity with bondage that left them struggling together on their bed. Andy and Britney began their strenuous efforts to free each other... [June 2]

Coming in June: BRITNEY and ANDY!

Downloadable video update: XARA DIAZ and BEN CAMPEZI star in "Give us your clothes!" [May 28]

Downloadable video update: Apartment manager JEFF has never spoken a word to his two pretty tenants (HEATHER STEWART and CINDY SCHUBERT). But tickling is the universal language! [May 26]

Downloadable video update: It's a nice day out with JENAVEVE JOLIE and KRIS! [May 21]

Downloadable video update: CHANTEL OSMOND has tickle fun with a bound-and-spreadeagled FRANK! [May 19]

Downloadable video update: JELENA JENSEN and NIGEL are tied by JULIE SIMONE, while RAVEN KNIGHT and friend direct the bondage shoot! [May 14]

Downloadable video update: CORY LANE and SHAYLA STEVENS find out first-hand that KYLE is ultra-ticklish! [May 12]

Downloadable video update: "A Failed Rescue", starring HOLLY LANE and ALEX! [May 7]

Today's downloadable video update: Businessman MR. MILES thought he could get some work done at the hotel after his long flight. And he would have, had he not been so trusting of pretty lady CHANTEL OSMOND! Things got even more complicated when STEVEN KIDD showed up... [May 5]

Downloadable video update: ROSE BANCROFT and CHAD have an unexpected visitor! [April 30]

Today's downloadable video update: Sexy fugitives JULIE KING, CINDY SHUBERT and SHAYLA STEVENS need to hide out at MARK's place! [April 28]

Downloadable video update: GRAYDEN and JESSIE CAPELLI are entangled on the bed! [April 23]

Today's downloadable video update has our M-I-B FRANK rolled up in a rug! [April 21]

Downloadable video update: "AGENT TIMMY and the Surprise Attack", co-starring HOLLY MANNING! [April 16]

Downloadable video update: a classic starring THE DOCTOR overpowered by NICOLETTE FOSTER and REBECCA DESAGE! [April 14]

Downloadable video update: JENAVEVE JOLIE and KRIS KNIGHT mmph and struggle! [April 9]

Full scene downloadable video update: a classic starring FRANK FORTUNA and CHANTEL OSMOND! [April 7]

Full scene downloadable video update: "Clark Kent"-type MARIO fails to rescue damsel STARR CONWAY! [April 2]

Full scene downloadable video update: a classic starring KYLE STONE and HEATHER STEWART! [March 31]

Although an intimidated ANDY LOGAN seemed to accept their captivity, HOLLY MANNING refused to give up. So she slipped off her heels and tried to loosen Andy's bonds with her bare toes, then stood and began to edge toward the door. Caught in the act, Holly was tethered to Andy, a move that successfully immobilized the bound and gagged couple! [March 26]

Classic downloadable clips! [March 24]

Classic downloadable clips! [March 19]

HOLLY MANNING was stunned when she arrived home from a party to find her partner ANDY LOGAN tied and gagged on the floor. Holly soon joined him in bondage, though she was allowed by generous intruders to sit in her stylish dress on a small stool! [March 17]

Classic downloadable clips! [March 12]

HOLLY MANNING made a strenuous effort to free ANDY LOGAN by stretching out her legs so she could loosen his rope-bound wrists with her spike-heels. But freedom didn't follow, Holly lost her heels and her legs were pinned more restrictively to the chair where she'd been secured! [March 10]

Classic downloadable clips! [March 5]

ANDY LOGAN had been looking forward to his first date with HOLLY MANNING but had to admit it couldn't have turned out any worse! When he returned with Holly to her house, they interrupted burglars who wasted no time in subduing the couple with rope. It was Andy, however, who failed to be Holly's hero after he was stripped to his underwear and mocked by the thieves! [March 3]

When HOLLY MANNING jovially suggested that they could have some fun if she were allowed to tie him up, ANDY LOGAN quickly agreed. A muscular man in superb physical condition, Andy had no doubt that he'd soon burst free of Holly's casually tied ropes. He was badly mistaken, of course, because Holly's knots defied his strength, allowing her to silence his protests with duct-tape and humiliate him in the hours that followed! [February 27]

ANDY LOGAN tried to overcome the distance that separated him from HOLLY MANNING after they'd been bound and gagged with duct tape, then hidden in the bedroom. So he hopped to the bed and sat back to back with Holly while they frantically attempted to free themselves. Before they could succeed, however, heartless operatives dragged Andy back to the bench and commanded him to remain motionless! [February 25]

Classic downloadable clips! [February 20]

ANDY LOGAN was desperate to free himself from the ropes so he rolled from the couch onto the floor. Then HOLLY MANNING stretched out her legs and plucked at the knots pinning his wrists with her bare toes; despite their vigorous efforts, both remained trapped in bondage! [February 18]

Beauty and Brawn in bondage: HOLLY MANNING and ANDY LOGAN had some unpleasant visitors who bound and gagged them! [February 13]

ROBBY ECHO rolled back and forth with such determination that it finally became necessary to change his bondage to an unforgiving spreadeagle! [February 11]

Classic downloadable clips! [February 6]

Classic downloadable clips! [January 30]

ROBBY ECHO was desperate to free himself before any of his colleagues returned to the office. The thought of Ashley or Lena finding him tied and gagged on top of his desk dressed only in underwear chilled him to the bone! [January 28]

Poor ROBBY ECHO was ripped off again! And this time the thief doubled down by commandeering Robby's shirt and slacks so he could make his escape in different clothing. Obviously, he couldn't leave Robby capable of sounding the alarm, so once again the unlucky businessman was subjected to rope and duct-tape! [January 23]

ROBBY ECHO didn't realize what a vindictive enemy he'd made until he was stripped to his briefs, bound and ball-gagged. First standing like a puppet on a chain, then kneeling in pathetic submission, Robby wondered how a simple real-estate deal could go so wrong! [January 21]

Classic downloadable clips! [January 16]

ROBBY ECHO kept struggling but escape was just beyond his reach. His predicament became even more pathetic after he was peremptorily rolled onto his stomach and hogtied by a captor who had no respect for him at all! [January 14]

When his new friends talked in glowing terms about a fetish party that weekend, ROBBY ECHO decided to push the envelope and attend. What Robby couldn't have guessed was that he'd be the primary source of entertainment as he rolled around in bondage while everyone else talked, drank and laughed! [January 9]

When ROBBY ECHO returned to his office and found his safe opened and valuables removed, it was obvious that a burglar had been at work. What Robby recognized just a few seconds too late was that the thief was still there; before leaving for good, he made sure that Robby wouldn't sound the alarm by roping him to his chair and adding an annoying gag! [January 7]

Masseuse JACK ESCOBAR is still in a mess with vengeful KENDRA JAMES! [January 2, 2020]