Downloadable video update: ROB and ROSE BANCROFT chuckled over a story in the paper about a "Tickling Humiliator", when they noticed a shadow standing over them! After they were bound hand and foot, the Humiliator introduced herself and got them acquainted with her fierce fingers! [December 31, 2021]

Downloadable video update: When beautiful yet spoiled CINDY SCHUBERT gets treated badly and dumped by new boyfriend JEFF, STEVE DE NAVARRE has just the remedy. Jeff is tricked into returning to the house, and finds himself stuck there! [December 30]

Photoset update! As JOSHUA LEWIS sat tied and tape-gagged under her control, SOPHIA BURNS continued toying with him. After removing her shoes, Sophia sat back on the desk and playfully stroked Joshua's bound body with her bare feet. She took special pleasure in the contortions that resulted when she teased his shaft with her toes! [December 28]

Downloadable video update: Pay-back's a bitch! When SHAE started cheating on his girlfriend RAVEN KNIGHT with her BFF CLAIRE ADAMS, they should've known that she wasn't going to take it lying down! Furious, she torments Claire and Shae with ruthlessly tight hog-ties! [December 24]

Downloadable video update: JACK is a tough investigative reporter who thinks he's just landed the story of his career. He finds out some sleazy things about the biggest hospital in town. However, the nurse (BARBI BENTLEY) who's supplying the information double-crosses him and he ends up tape gagged and secured in a straitjacket! [December 23]

Photoset update! LANEY GREY's plan to discipline CODEY STEELE had veered disastrously off-course for her. Joining Codey in bondage was an unpleasant surprise, one that became even more shocking after they were both stripped naked and tied to the opposing sides of a pillar. As she twisted in the rope pinning her to the column, Laney eyed Codey and murmured unhappily through the tape sealing her lips! [December 21]

Downloadable video update: Frustrated couple CHANTEL OSMOND and OSCAR seek the help of a therapist to improve their relationship. The suggestion: Learn to trust and communicate with an excercise in BONDAGE! [December 17]

Downloadable video update: HANNAH is so frustrated with LUKE's lousy work habits that she binds him to a chair, stuffs one of her used, dirty socks in his mouth and tapes it in! [December 16]

Photoset update! SOPHIA BURNS was ready to depart with the bag of cash she'd grabbed from the safe but couldn't resist having more fun with poor JOSHUA LEWIS. After Joshua was stripped to his briefs, tied up again and tape-gagged, Sophia bared her breasts and straddled her stunned colleague. Not satisfied with merely acquainting her plaything with her nipples, the bold thief squeezed his manhood until Joshua's eyes bulged! [December 14]

Downloadable video update: Security guard ANTONIO was goofing off at his post, giving intruder De Navarre easy access to musical diva GIA MANCINI and her valuable violin. Antonio and Gia are left huffing and puffing restrained on the couch! [December 10]

Downloadable video update: RAVEN is tired of CHAD's ridiculous-looking boxer shorts, but he refuses to part with them. Maybe if she ties him up and tickles him silly he'll change his mind? [December 9]

Photoset update! Before LANEY GREY could loosen CODEY STEELE's bonds with her bare toes, the intruder caught them in the act. Laney was removed from her perch on the desk, then precariously balanced on Codey's lap and attached to his legs. Under different circumstances, Codey would have delighted in the sensation of sweet Laney's bare breasts pressed against his chest, but sharing bondage drastically diminished his pleasure! [December 7]

Downloadable video update: Office executive SHANNON enlists the help of co-worker DAMIAN and his wife for an illegal scheme. The plan calls for a staged "robbery" in which they're bound and gagged, waiting for someone to rescue them. [December 2]

Downloadable video update: Car buff CHAD is thinking more about his wheels than his pretty girlfriend RAVEN KNIGHT. It doesn't take long for that to get old! Raven shows Chad who's boss by cleave gagging and binding him to his precious car. [December 1]

Photoset update! After she had unlucky JOSHUA LEWIS tied and gagged, SOPHIA BURNS could have split with the cash she'd looted from the office safe. But Joshua's wide-eyed struggles proved too great a temptation for predatory Sophia to resist! [November 30]

Downloadable video update: In a secluded area of the park, ASHLEY RAINES and JOSH are squirming and struggling against tight ropes! [November 26]

Downloadable video update: Inept burglar GAVIN tries to break into the wrong house! TIFFANY THOMAS catches him and subdues him. Tiffany binds him with her stockings and gags his mouth on-screen with her dirty panties - tying them into place with her filthy stockings! [November 25]

Photoset update! JOSHUA LEWIS was shocked when he discovered pretty co-worker SOPHIA BURNS looting the office safe. He was stunned when Sophia took charge by tying and gagging him. But Joshua's astonishment reached its peak when she began to tickle him and treat him like her plaything! [November 23]

Downloadable video update: After a dispute with a neighbor leaves the couple chair-bound, ROSE BANCROFT and ANTON get a glimmer of hope when the ties around their ankles start to come loose! [November 19]

Downloadable video update: Thoughtless BEN really screwed JORDAN MOLLOY's birthday. She's so pissed off at him that she ties him securely. Ben just won't shut up with his begging for mercy so Jordan stuffs her very dirty socks in his mouth and adds cloth around his head to keep the socks in there. [November 18]

Photoset update! Although CODEY STEELE was still bound and gagged, LANEY GREY was definitely no longer in charge -- seated on the desk, Laney was also trussed up and tape-gagged. When Codey edged the chair where he'd been confined closer to the desk, she slipped off her sandals and attempted to loosen his bonds with her bare toes, an initiative that would result in a more restrictive situation for Laney! [November 16]

Downloadable video update: TYLER comes home from a long day of work to find girlfriend SHAY RUSKIN bound on their bedroom floor! He rushes to her side, only to share the same fate! [November 12]

Downloadable video update: SHANNON stuffs LUKE's mouth with a big wad of cloth and she tapes his mouth shut. She leaves him alone for a while, and he puts effort into his struggles, but doesn't get free. Eventually Shannon returns, wraps cloth around his mouth to muffle him even more... and then she wraps the cloth around his eyes so he can't see a thing! [November 11]

Photoset update! Although CODEY STEELE was relieved to have the duct-tape removed from his lips, he quickly learned that LANEY GREY was not trying to be kind. As her sneaky little toes thrust into his mouth, Laney commanded him to suck them; soon she ordered Codey to lick her soles! [November 9]

Downloadable video update: CARLI BANKS and ETHAN are sales people who find someone not interested in what they're selling and instead, end up bound and tape gagged by the rude customer! [November 5]

Downloadable video update: Cowboy singer MILES is bound and tape gagged by one of his biggest fans (CHANTEL OSMOND). When Chantel steals Miles' boots we don't know if it's because of her love of his footwear or her interest in seeing a barefoot and bound cowboy! [November 4]

Photoset update! LANEY GREY laughed as she walked all over CODEY STEELE's face with her small bare feet. Codey actually enjoyed the smell of Laney's toes but didn't appreciate the way she boxed his ears. [November 2]

Downloadable video update: SCOTT and RACHEL SANTINI are trussed up back-to-back by an unbalanced recluse. They fight to free themselves, but their bindings are very, very secure, even their cleave gags. [October 29]

Downloadable video update: CAIN has a problem. His girlfriend, BOBBI EDEN, absolutely loves ticking him and he can't stand it! Tough luck because he's bound and helpless and she really feels like tickling him. Looks like an afternoon of laughter is in store for the poor guy! [October 28]

Photoset update! After CODEY STEELE's shirt and slacks were gone, he sat on the floor tied and tape-gagged in his briefs. Above him on the desk, smiling LANEY GREY sat back and stretched out her legs in order to stroke his body with her bare feet. As her domination of Codey continued, Laney grew more excited and opened her blouse to bare her breasts. [October 26]

Downloadable video update: Husband and wife KYLE and MACKENZIE fall into the clutches of two desperate female criminals (HEATHER STEWART and SHAYLA STEVENS). They find themselves tied hand and foot and cleave gagged side-by-side! [October 22]

Downloadable video update: Hunky RIO is no match for HEATHER STEWART. Heather binds the beefcake and tickles him all over, peels off his sweat socks and lets his ticklish bare feet have it! [October 21]

Photoset update! Although APRIL OLSEN no longer perched on top of bound boyfriend TONY SLIPS, the ingeniously frog-tied beauty squirmed next to him until the ropes gave way to their insistent struggling! [October 19]

Downloadable video update: LUKE and HANNAH THURMAN are TV reporters who are doing a story on indifference among the public. They have themselves tied up and cleave gagged in a car to see who will come to their rescue. The two reporters and their viewers find out that things are even worse than they thought! [October 15]

Downloadable video update: BRETT has criticized SUMMER LONG's cooking for way too long. She decides that maybe she can't cook, but she sure knows how to tickle. After an evening of being trussed up and tickled, Brett can hardly disagree! [October 14]

Photoset update! APRIL OLSEN was thrilled to play with her tied and gagged boyfriend TONY SLIPS. But April's dominant attitude evaporated after she was ingeniously trussed-up on Tony's prone body. Deprived of her lingerie, the naked beauty recognized that she was trapped, whether she lay folded on Tony's back or defiantly raised her curvaceous body! [October 12]

Downloadable video update: Businessman TED and his pretty secretary TIFFANY are surprised by creeps who bind and cleave gag the attractive pair, leaving them to struggle and struggle and struggle! [October 8]

Downloadable video update: BEN is really thoughtless. JORDAN MOLLOY went to a lot of trouble to make a night with him really special and the jerk didn't even show up. He'll never mess with her again after she ties him spread-eagle pulls off his socks and tickles his body and bare feet! [October 7]

Photoset update! After LANEY GREY disciplined CODEY STEELE, the man she'd tricked into bondage, she became more sensually playful. First yanking open Codey's shirt and toying with his bare chest, Laney followed by unbuttoning her blouse to expose a pair of enticing breasts. Codey was in no position to fondle them, of course, so the sexy sprite helped him out by pressing them against his face. [October 5]

Downloadable video update: ROXANNE is BRANDON's tutor, but her teachings are interrupted by a burglar who leaves the student and his sexy teacher tied and cleave-gagged back-to-back! [October 1]

Downloadable video update: TRIXIE LOVETT is incensed over the terrible stock market advice she's received from LUKE, her broker. So as payback she ties him down, pulls off his shoes and discards his socks, leaving his bare feet exposed. Next comes some hard-core tickle revenge! [September 30]

Photoset update! In return for LANEY GREY writing his thesis, CODEY STEELE promised that he would join her in playing some kinky games. What Codey didn't foresee was how eager cute little Laney was to make him her bound plaything. Only after she turned disciplinarian by swatting his butt did Codey realize that allowing Laney to tie him up might have been a big mistake! [September 28]

Downloadable video update: Business exec SHANNON takes her new employee DAMIAN on a company retreat to see if they can learn to work together under pressure, which includes ropes and tape and even a blindfold! [September 24]

Downloadable video update: MATT is a substitute teacher who has to watch over the students in detention. FANTASIA FERRER, the school flirt, tricks the teacher into being tied and tape gagged. If that isn't humiliation enough, Fantasia pulls down Matt's pants so that the rest of the students will see him bound and gagged in his underwear! [September 23]

Photoset update! TONY SLIPS was enthusiastic about APRIL OLSEN tying him up for some bondage play. But when the dominant side of April's personality went into high gear, Tony began to doubt the wisdom of his decision. A hand-gag wasn't sufficient for her -- duct-tape was needed to muffle his protests. And once she had him re-roped on his stomach, April straddled her bound and gagged boy-toy, all the better to spank his bare ass! [September 21]

Downloadable video update: ROSE BANCROFT and ANTON mmph and struggle, to no avail! [September 17]

Downloadable video update: BRETT is a rich banker who gets the date of his life with SUMMER LONG. He doesn't realize until it's too late that it was all a big scam which leads to him being stripped to his underwear, tied spread-eagle and cleave-gagged. When the money comes in he'll get his release, but not a moment before! [September 16]

Photoset update! APRIL OLSEN suggested a new type of erotic stimulation to bed-partner TONY SLIPS. Tony enthusiastically accepted her invitation to bondage, then experienced a wide range of sensations inflicted by April, from playful manipulation of his stiff rod, to vigorous tickling! [September 14]

Downloadable video update: Buxom beauty JELENA JENSEN is found all tied up; then boyfriend NIGEL is bound onscreen by ropemistress JULIE SIMONE! [September 10]

Downloadable video update: NINO is suspicious of his beautiful wife MOLLY MATTHEWS. He thinks she's having an affair. Little does he realize that the affair is not with a man, but with her best girlfriend ANNA MILLS. He finds out soon enough though when he winds up tied and tapegagged, being made to watch while the girls kiss and make-out together! [September 9]

Photoset update! TONY SLIPS and APRIL OLSEN were both indignant when the nasty intruder opened the bound and gagged office-worker's blouse to expose her breasts. But no matter how hard they strained against the ropes that pinned them to their chairs, the frustrated colleagues were powerless to retaliate! [September 7]

Downloadable video update: Country singer JAMIE LYNN and her bodyguard JAMES are tied-up and tape-gagged by a big fan! [September 3]

Downloadable video update: KAREL is a big-headed escape artist who challenges ROXANNE CHADWICK to bind and gag him. She takes the bet securing him with rope, chains and tape so he is totally trussed up. Guess who ends up eating his words? [September 2]

Photoset update! What a shock for TONY SLIPS to find his beautiful colleague APRIL OLSEN sitting bound and gagged next to her desk! Rescuing April was foremost in Tony's mind but his opportunity to be the hero disappeared quickly. After he was roped to a chair next to April and also silenced with a tape-gag, Tony struggled along with his friend as they faced an uncertain future. [August 31]

Downloadable video update: TIM LOGAN struggles nearby as lovely JANA JORDAN is tied up and her feet are shrimped by the Mouthman! [August 27]

Downloadable video update: ETHAN is bound to a pole and tape gagged wearing only his underwear. At his feet is gorgeous CHLOE SHAW, also unable to move or speak thanks to the binding that holds her still and the tape that silences her! [August 26]

Photoset update! APRIL OLSEN had a great time teasing her powerless boss TONY SLIPS by pressing her bare breasts against his face. Tony could no longer target April with nasty comments when his mouth was full of her breasts, nor after she tape-gagged him and departed the office as he struggled! [August 24]

Downloadable video update: Reformed gang member JOSH and his innocent tutor ASHLEY RAINES are tied and cleave gagged by a couple of his ex-homies! [August 20]

Downloadable video update: MIKE isn't paying the bills so KAYLYNN CALLOWAY must take control! Hubby Mike is tied down and left completely vulnerable to the tickling devices of his frustrated wife. When she's finished, Ole Mikey won't be so lax with his responsibilities! [August 19]

Photoset update! APRIL OLSEN wasn't finished with TONY SLIPS, the boss who'd given her so much trouble in the past. After his gag was removed, Tony sat tied up on the floor in a perfect position for April to press her bare feet against his face. The triumphant secretary soon tightened the focus of her domination by thrusting her toes into the bound boss's mouth and ordering him to suck them! [August 17]

Downloadable video update: Vacationers HANA DUBCEK and TOM are tied up and ball-gagged by a desperate chick! [August 13]

Downloadable video update: Sexist pig CARLOS believes that men have more endurance than women at anything ROXANNE can think of. "How about tickling," Roxanne challenges. Backed into a corner, Carlos must accept and boy is he sorry! Roxanne tickles the heck out of his body and bare feet and Carlos learns a very hard lesson! [August 12]

Photoset update! When the ropes controlling their legs were untied from the bed's headboard, TONY STING and REBECCA VANGUARD enjoyed a few seconds of hope that their ordeal would soon be over. Harsh reality returned when the rope-links efficiently connected their wrists and ankles so that Tony and Rebecca arched in hogties under cold-hearted supervision! [August 10]

Downloadable video update: NEIL and JASMINE MANCINI just moved into a pretty tough part of town. They got "welcomed" to the neighborhood by getting hogtied and cleavegagged! [August 6]

Downloadable video update: New to tickling, GAVIN can't believe the results of TIFFANY THOMAS' ten ruthless fingers. He squirms and squeals, unable to control his tickle-response! [August 5]

Photoset update! APRIL OLSEN had promised creepy boss TONY SLIPS that she wouldn't report his harassment if he'd allow her to tie him up. Once Tony was bound and gagged, April used her heels and bare feet to toy with him. As Tony strained against her surprisingly skilled ropework, the playful secretary aroused him by pressing her toes against his crotch! [August 3]

Downloadable video update: SHANNON and TYLER have been separated, tied up, and abandoned, so they have to struggle their way toward each others' knots! [July 30]

Downloadable video update: TED's girl JASMINE has a wonderful tickle time with him while he's all bound up. Ted begs for relief but unfortunately Jasmine is just not the compassionate type! [July 29]

Photoset update! Pretty secretary APRIL OLSEN complained to her unconventional boss that he'd behaved inappropriately toward her. TONY SLIPS scoffed at April until she raised the possibility of going to the CEO and reporting his misbehavior unless he made amends. When Tony asked what he could do, April smiled and said "You're going to let me tie you up!"... [July 27]

Downloadable video update: During a foreclosure sale BLAKE and CAROLINE WARNER think they've found the perfect house but the current owner doesn't want to give it up! He ties Blake up, then handgags Caroline before the surprised couple are left struggling on the floor. [July 23]

Downloadable video update: How would you like it if you were tied down in your underwear and tickled by three sensational-looking women? KYLE STONE has just that predicament with MACKENZIE MONTGOMERY, HEATHER STEWART and SHAYLA STEVENS, all eager to get their tickling fingers on him! [July 22]

Photoset update! TONY STING and REBECCA VANGUARD had been through a lot together but their latest restrictive difficulty was the most alarming yet. Nearly naked after they were stripped to panties and briefs, they'd been bound, taped-gagged and hitched to the bed where they writhed with futile energy against their bonds... [July 20]

Downloadable video update: SHERRI REYNOLDS and SEAN come home from a pleasant day of shopping to find themselves bound to chairs and tape gagged! [July 16]

Downloadable video update: LUKE's laziness is screwing up HANNAH THURMAN's life. Of course, she has the perfect solution to set him straight. She strings him up and takes advantage of his many, many ticklish spots. Poor Luke begs for forgiveness and he promises to change, but Hannah's pretty pissed so Luke's shit out of luck. [July 15]

Photoset update! KENDRA JAMES sensed that she'd brought RICO HERNANDEZ to the verge of submitting to her will, so she celebrated by teasing him with her bare foot! [July 13]

Downloadable video update: DEVON and ANGIE SAVAGE are told by a bad guy to strip off their clothes, then they're divested of their valuables before being left tied and ball-gagged. [July 9]

Downloadable video update: NINO is a corporate executive who's bound and cleave gagged by two pretty underlings (MOLLY MATTHEWS and ANNA MILLS) at a convention. They further embarrass the executive by taking off his shoes and socks and sucking on his bare feet! [July 8]

Photoset update! What a ruthless operative -- not only does KENDRA JAMES rope RICO HERNANDEZ to that uncomfortable concrete post in nothing but his boxers but she gags him with one of her stockings! It may be time for you to give her the information she's demanding, Rico, because Kendra's not going to leave you alone until she gets what she wants! [July 6]

Downloadable video update: Lovey-dovey couple ISABELLA JANACEK and JAMES struggle face-to-face! [July 2]

Downloadable video update: MILES is an old fashioned cowboy who believes in chivalry to the pretty ladies. When he finds school teacher CHANTEL OSMOND bound and gagged, he of course is there to rescue her. Little does he know that Chantel isn't as sweet as she appears! [July 1]

Photoset update! TONY STING and REBECCA VANGUARD had been lured into bondage that their strenuous exertions failed to loosen. Desperate writhing propelled them off the chairs where they'd been held onto the floor, where the unfortunate friends continued their futile struggling. [June 29]

Downloadable video update: PARIS KENNEDY can't seem to get away from her crazy ex! She's surprised to find her new man BOBBY bound by her ex and even more shocked when he ties her next and sucks on her toes! [June 25]

Downloadable video update: ETHAN is the captive of a cruel femme-fatale. CHLOE SHAW not only has Ethan bound, cleave gagged and helpless, but his bare soles are completely vulnerable to a leather paddle that Chloe is intent on using! [June 24]

Photoset update! TONY STING and REBECCA VANGUARD quickly learned that they wouldn't be free of rope any time soon. Securely bound and seated side-by-side, they were free to speak for only a few moments before their mouths were stuffed with cloth and their lips sealed with duct-tape. The strenuous struggling that followed brought Tony and Rebecca no closer to freedom... [June 22]

Downloadable video update: DERRICK comes home to find pretty MADELINE HORN tied up on the floor and soon joins in her bound dilemma! [June 11]

Downloadable video update: CINDY SCHUBERT is tired of fighting with boyfriend JEFF GARCIA about what they are going to watch on TV. Her solution is to hog-tie him, tape gag him and watch whatever she wants to watch! [June 10]

Photoset update! The last thing REBECCA VANGUARD expected to find at the office was her friend TONY STING tied up and gagged. Before she could help Tony, pretty Rebecca was subjected to a similarly restrictive situation. The uncomfortable couple attempted without success to free themselves, then were informed that they'd be moved to another location... [June 15]

Downloadable video update: CHANTEL OSMOND and FRANK FORTUNA signed up to The Mystery Weekend, hoping to solve a make-believe crime. Little did they know that they would spend most of the weekend as the hostages -- all tied up, cleave gagged and waiting for the other players to find and rescue them! [June 11]

Downloadable video update: Computer mogul ETHAN is captured in his own home by CHLOE SHAW and a male accomplice. They tell him to strip to his underwear, and then bind and tape gag him. Poor Ethan is left to struggle in his underwear while desperately trying to free himself. [June 10]

Photoset update! They caught TONY STING poking around where he didn't belong, which meant Tony got to feel rope pinning his wrists and ankles while tasting the rag tied between his lips... [June 8]

Downloadable video update: A break-in leaves HEATHER STEWART and KYLE STONE tied and gagged -- but too far apart to help each other! [June 4]

Downloadable video update: JACK is tightly tied to a chair while sexy BARBI BENTLEY uses her perfect hands to handgag him every time he has something to say! [June 3]

Photoset update! RICO HERNANDEZ's heart beat more normally after Kendra temporarily left him, but the end of her domination did nothing to loosen the ropes restraining his limbs. Although he made a few desperate efforts to call for help, the ball-gag she'd tightened in his mouth prevented any sounds but a few pathetic squawks from escaping his lips. [June 1]

Downloadable video update: CARLOS and ROXANNE CHADWICK are important executives snatched and left tied and cleave gagged in a garage! [May 28]

Downloadable video update: JACK is all tied up and at the mercy of BARBI BENTLEY. She seems to get great joy from making him suck on her sexy bare feet! [May 27]

Photoset update! Poor RICO HERNANDEZ! KENDRA JAMES just won't give up trying to convince this inexperienced spy to reveal the information she wants. Bound and ball-gagged in his underwear, he's powerless to prevent an interrogation that blends dire implications with seductive footplay. [May 25]

Downloadable video update: REGINA BARTKOWSKI has millionaire playboy CHAD snatched. Little does she know that a double-cross has been planned. She gets grabbed herself by an accomplice and bound next to her wealthy captive. Now they must work together to escape! [May 21]

Downloadable video update: FRANK FORTUNA is a hunk, but he's not the brightest guy in the world. SAMANTHA HOLLISTER has no problem tricking him into bondage. While he sits tied up and tape gagged, she models some of her nice stockings for the silenced stud... and then she abandons him! [May 20]

Photoset update! TONY STING's mind was still spinning from a day full of shocking events. First being tricked into bondage by REBECCA VANGUARD, who he thought had feelings for him but was simply a thief. Then the sudden appearance of Rebecca's greedy partner, who placed her in the same bind. Now they lay squirming next to each other on the floor, where Tony's affection for the bare-breasted beauty was rekindled as he rolled on top of her! [May 18]

Downloadable video update: LUKE and TRIXIE LOVETT are enjoying some poolside fun when an intruder breaks up the party and leaves them tied up back to back in their swimsuits -- and cleave gagged! [May 14]

Downloadable video update: MATT works in a small office with a very pretty co-worker, FANTASIA FERRER. As a another boring work day passes, Matt fantasizes about being tied up with his colleague's pretty stocking feet rubbing all over his face! [May 13]

Photoset update! REBECCA VANGUARD loved humiliating TONY STING, the naive bookstore owner she'd conned into bondage. So imagine how Rebecca felt when her partner double-crossed her, took the priceless volume she'd purloined from Tony, then left her bound and gagged on the floor next to the trussed-up guy! The sexy scammer worked hard at loosening her ropes but she had no more success battling bondage than did Tony... [May 11]

Downloadable video update: Two super-spies are captured, bound, and gagged! [May 7]

Downloadable video update: KYLE STONE Kyle Stone has been tied up and ball gagged by CORY LANE and SHAYLA STEVENS. All he can do is moan for forgiveness as the two lovely ladies rub their bare feet over his face! [May 6]

Photoset update! TONY STING had already been conned by REBECCA VANGUARD, who was about to steal the most valuable book from his store. But as he sat bound and gagged on the floor, the sexy thief enjoyed humiliating Tony by stroking his chest and face with her bare feet! [May 4]

Downloadable video update: GIA MANCINI and ANTONIO are working on a top secret assignment when a criminal barges in and steals the information, then leaves Gia and Antonio to struggle on the job! [April 30]

Downloadable video update: Lazy grad student KYLE STONE is caught in HEATHER STEWART's grip -- and she really humiliates him! Kyle is tied naked with a harness gag silencing him. He has to wear a dunce cap and a pink ribbon on his dick while she spanks it with a ruler! [April 29]

Photoset update! It was still difficult for TONY STING to believe that a hot chick like REBECCA VANGUARD would take an interest in him or would be eager to visit his used-and-rare bookstore. Tony was thrilled to give her a tour, but soon discovered that Rebecca was a con artist, targeting a valuable book that was the pride of Tony's store! [April 27]

Downloadable video update: Cruise performers LIELANI and T.J. are driving their neighbor crazy with the constant off-tune singing! The songbirds are left with their mouths taped shut and their bodies all tied up! [April 23]

Downloadable video update: Muscular CASEY is so self-involved that he forgets his girlfriend HANNAH THURMAN's birthday. Hannah gets back at him by hog-tying him and tape gagging him! [April 22]

Photoset update! RIVER quickly learned the reason for his ex's contemptuous smile -- and why she was carrying that extra length of rope. After hogtying him she laughed out loud, then waved goodbye and turned her back on him, her vengeful quest richly fulfilled! [April 20]

Downloadable video update: University quarterback RIO is a ladies man and is tracked down by his suspicious girlfriend while he tries to snuggle up with GWEN STANLEY. The couple are hog-tied and cleave gagged in bed! [April 16]

Downloadable video update: LUKE has been following celebrity TRIXIE LOVETT for months. Finally she gets tired of it and finds a way to get the drop on him. The next thing he knows he is tied to a chair and tape gagged. How does it feel to be at the mercy of the woman he's fantasized for years? [April 15]

Photoset update! "What's happening now?" thought RIVER. It was bad enough to be tied up and gagged in your underwear but when that vengeful ex added a blindfold, his anxiety raced upwards. As he struggled around on the bed, the black cloth flew off and his vision returned but the sight confronting River was anything but comforting. "Why the hell is she smiling at me like that?" he wondered nervously. "I hate the way her mind works!" [April 13]

Downloadable video update: University quarterback JOHN and peppy cheerleader KINA KAI are ditching practice to flirt -- and end up closer than they ever imagined, via an angry coach! Their hormonal bodies are bound together and cleave-gags muffle their mouths! [April 9]

Downloadable video update: KYLE STONE is quite a domineering husband to his meek wife CORY LANE. When Cory's best friend SHAYLA STEVENS gets tired of his act, she tricks Kyle into a pair of handcuffs. Once she has him cuffed, the rest is easy. She completely ties him up and tape gags his aggressive mouth. When meek Cory sees her tough husband all trussed up, she's shocked, to say the least! [April 8]

Photoset update! RICO HERNANDEZ couldn't wrap his head around how badly things were turning out. "So you think you're a courageous secret agent, Rico?" cooed KENDRA JAMES. "Well, let's see how brave you are when you're lying tied and gagged on the floor with my foot in your face! I'll get some photos on my phone and share them with everyone in the espionage community..." [April 6]

Downloadable video update: An important group study session offered yet another opportunity for class clowns CHANEL OSMOND and OSCAR to laugh and play -- too bad for them, there's someone else in the group and she won't stand for their foolishness! [April 2]

Downloadable video update: FRANK FORTUNA is tied to a bed in his underwear -- his feet, torso, and underarms tested to the limit by AMBER MICHAELS, who likes nothing better than making Frank suffer! [April 1]

Photoset update! KENDRA JAMES hoped that RICO HERNANDEZ finally understood that answering her questions would be in his best interest. But no, she soon realized, the stupid young man still wanted to play the hero! Well, she'd show him that there'd be a price to pay for his insolence. After stuffing cloth in his mouth and gagging him with duct-tape, she watched him squirm on the rough boulder where he sat. [March 30]

Downloadable video update: BLAKE and CAROLINE WARNER struggle bound and gagged on the floor! [March 26]

Downloadable video update: CARLOS is such a braggart! Everyone is completely sick of his big talk. Finally ROXANNE CHADWICK, STEVE DE NAVARRE and friend decide to do something about it. Tied to a post and ballgagged, now Carlos can't move or talk, and all of his friends can laugh at him! [March 25]

Photoset update! RIVER felt less vulnerable after he no longer lay facedown on the massage table. But even after he was stretched out on his back, the bound and gagged man was still under the control of the ex-girlfriend who made him tremble! [March 23]

Downloadable video update: ANTON is determined to rescue JELENA JENSEN from the clutches of a cult, but it isn't as easy as he had thought! Soon they're both being carefully roped (onscreen) by JULIE SIMONE! [March 19]

Downloadable video update: Surfer TED can have any lady he wants -- or so he thinks. TIFFANY THOMAS is bored with his antics so she gets him tied up in his surfer clothes and flip-flops. Then she jams a lime in his mouth and later tapes over it to make sure he can't spit it out or say a word! [March 18]

Photoset update! RIVER's seriously alienated former girlfriend was a masseuse and had applied her skills to his benefit in happier times. But now that he was tied down on her table and unable to register his objections because of the tape covering his mouth, River was alarmed by the prospect of a much less pleasant massage that she might deliver! [March 16]

Downloadable video update: Just when life was settling down for KAIYA LYNN and her new boyfriend JOSEPH, her ex stops by -- fresh out of jail! Upset by the changes in Kaiya's life, the inmate binds the couple and leaves, but not before getting one last look at her perky breasts! [March 12]

Downloadable video update: REGINA BARTKOWSKI keeps CHAD's mouth ungagged so she can hear his uncontrollable laughter! [March 11]

Photoset update! KENDRA JAMES played good cop with RICO HERNANDEZ for a few moments, urging him to squeal on his employers so she could take it easy on him. When Rico declined to give Kendra what she wanted, the bad cop returned with a vengeance. After hogtying her hapless man, the icy agent mocked his perilous position and hinted that his toe-tied feet might be in for a hot time! [March 9]

Downloadable video update: Card cheats KARLIE MONTANA and MADIK are caught with an ace up the sleeve by an unforgiving woman! The cleave gagged partners are left chair bound and penniless! [March 5]

Downloadable video update: Businessman CARLOS has pushed his secretary too far! ROXANNE CHADWICK gets him in her stocks and tickles the unfortunate executive. By the time she is finished with him, he's willing to give her a bonus, a vacation, a promotion -- anything she wants! [March 4]

Photoset update! Sitting tied and tape-gagged in his underwear, RICO HERNANDEZ was becoming more nervous by the minute. He'd tried to convince ruthless operative KENDRA JAMES that he had no secret information to reveal but Kendra wasn't buying his feigned ignorance. She warned him to stop playing dumb...or else! [March 2]

Downloadable video update: CLAIRE ADAMS and SHAE watch helplessly as intruders place ballgags in their mouths to keep them quiet! Then the couple struggle as the intruders ransack their home! [February 26]

Downloadable video update: Wearing tight jeans and tight t-shirt with his bare feet exposed, MILES feels the wrath of tickling care of beautiful CHANTEL OSMOND! [February 25]

Photoset update! RIVER's implacable ex-girlfriend was determined to get her money's worth for the five grand she'd paid to cancel his gambling debt. Standing in his boxers with his arms stretched overhead, River mumbled nervously through the cloth in his mouth and hoped that the vengeful woman had no more humiliations to inflict... [February 23]

Downloadable video update: Pretty student REINA engaged in a romance with a teaching assistant, LUKAS. When her bookworm roommate RAVEN KNIGHT found out, she took out her jealousy and frustration on them! [February 19]

Downloadable video update: LUKE is completely stuck -- tied up in his underwear and begging for mercy. He can only squeal in laughter as JAMIE ANN MARTIN relentlessly tickles his upper body and she doesn't care if he likes it or not! [February 18]

Photoset update! RICO HERNANDEZ was just getting started in the espionage business and was already in over his head. Bound, gagged and blindfolded, Rico couldn't deny his failure, or the humiliation of being handled like a toy by ruthless agent KENDRA JAMES. But even after his bondage was completed by ropes pinning his legs together, the novice spy continued to resist Kendra's interrogation! [February 16]

Downloadable video update: After getting carjacked, tape gagged couple HANA DUBCEK and TOM are to spend a beautiful afternoon bound to a post in their garage! [February 12]

Downloadable video update: Muscular ANTONIO is tied in only his underwear and socks, and is tickle attacked by sexy ROXANNE CHADWICK! [February 11]

Photoset update! RIVER's anger grew as he struggled on the chair where his vengeful ex- had left him -- what had he done to deserve this humiliating treatment? Slipping off the chair, he hoped against long odds for a way out. Instead, his restraint turned humorous when his ankles were hitched to a nearby couch and he lay squirming in frustration on the floor! [February 9]

Downloadable video update: Bounty hunter CARLI BANKS was sure she had found the right guy when she captured and bound poor JACK. Unfortunately, she'd made a mistake and was soon tied up and tape gagged next to Jack to share in his plight! [February 5]

Downloadable video update: Surfer dude CHAD has his hands, feet and mouth taped. His bare feet and bound body are tickled non-stop by gorgeous blonde REGINA BARTKOWSKI. Chad tries to laugh out loud, but his tight tape gag is holding it in! [February 4]

Photoset update! RIVER's vengeful ex-girlfriend had paid off his fat gambling debt but now he owed her his submission. She'd already introduced him to bondage and shredded his expensive jacket, then she subjected him to another restrictive example of her ropework. Bare-chested, bound and gagged, River squirmed in embarrassment on a hard wooden chair as she laughed at his awkward contortions! [February 2]

Downloadable video update!
Jeff and Heather were having a housewarming party to celebrate the purchase of their new home. Unfortunately for them, the house has a dark past -- and soon the pair along with their guests found themselves all bound and gagged on the floor! [January 29]
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Downloadable video update: LOGAN, SHAY RUSKIN and ROB are working the late shift and are bored stiff. Shay lets them in on a little secret. She used to be a stripper! The guys are impressed and want to see her show her stuff. She agrees, but only if they are bound and gagged while she does her act. That's an offer that's too good to be true! [January 28]

Photoset update! The gambler known as RIVER was in deep -- 5K worth -- to the kind of creditor to whom you definitely don't want to be in debt. He begged for more time but was told to relax because the debt had been paid. River was baffled, until he learned that the money came from his ex-girlfriend, who demanded something in return for her money -- time to pay back River for a different kind of debt. That's how the sharp-dressed player found himself bound and gagged with duct-tape and very nervous about just how creative his ex was about to get! [January 26]

Downloadable video update: MILES and CHANTEL OSMOND just moved into the neighborhood so they thought they should make friends with everyone on the block. Little did they know that they would have to spend the afternoon tied to a tree and cleave gagged! [January 22]

Downloadable video update: JACK is snatched by a thug and his beautiful girlfriend (BARBI BENTLEY). When the thug leaves to get the payment, he puts Barbi in charge of guarding the bound and cleave gagged captive. Unbeknownst to the thug his lady is rather turned-on by the captured man. As he sits helpless and voiceless, Barbi helps herself to him by kissing and licking his face and playing with his securely bound body! [January 21]

Photoset update! A.J.'s contortions failed to release him from rope entanglement that grew more restrictive for him after he was hogtied. Once again, he drew on athletic flexibility to reverse his position but remained trapped in the web decreed for A.J. by the imposter who'd conned him. Finally freed, the embarrassed job applicant had to admit that he'd learned a valuable lesson! [January 19]

Downloadable video update: FRANK FORTUNA and AMBER MICHAELS are tied to chairs in their underwear and securely ball-gagged. Tied face-to-face, they get a front row view of each other's bound and gagged plight. [January 15]

Downloadable video update: JEFF GARCIA is a big time business executive who never takes time to enjoy the better things in life. His trusty assistant JULIE SIMONE plots a little birthday surprise for Jeff. She hires a sexy stripper (HEATHER STEWART) to dance for him. Julie knows Jeff would normally never go for this, but she figures if he's all tied up and cleave gagged what can he really do or say about it? [January 14]

Photoset update! Would A.J. ever free himself from the accursed ropes? Frantic to escape, he twisted from the awkward position on his stomach to lying on his back in an attempt to disrupt the knots linking him to the headboard. [January 12]

Downloadable video update: NINO, ANNA MILLS and MOLLY MATTHEWS are corporate attorneys finishing up the paperwork for a huge merger. Creepy thieves Eiiot Shear and De Navarre smell money and break into the meeting. They humiliate the lawyers by making them strip, then finish the job by binding and tapegagging them. [January 8]

Downloadable video update: MILES is a bodyguard for one of the richest men in the world. When a beautiful lady (CHANTEL OSMOND) tries to enter the home of his boss, Miles fails to stop her! He finds himself bound and ballgagged in his underwear, and pushed inside. The billionaire is so impressed with the lovely lady's accomplishment that he makes out with her while trussed-up Miles can only watch and grunt. [January 6]

Photoset update! "Oh my God", thought A.J. "I can't believe this. Now I'm spread out here on the bed in my underwear -- this has to be a nightmare!" Sorry, A.J., you have only yourself to blame by falling for such an obvious con job. Just keep struggling and maybe you can free yourself... [January 5]

Downloadable video update: Top security personnel T.J. HART and LOGAN REED are supposed to protect some very important property. A slick counter-intelligence agent interfered -- with a roll of duct tape! [January 1, 2021]